Monday, November 30, 2009

An interesting Update

Puppy 4 Remember CJ the first time pet owner? Well she called to update me on Wolfie’s puppy. She claimed that she has not had a good night sleep ever since she adopted him!! Ha,ha,ha….never knew this little puppy could turn her life so interesting with his playfulness. He has chewed up her sofa’s cloth, threw tantrum by pooing everywhere in the house, messed up his pillows and beddings,loosen the cage(boy, he must be strong), frightened her housemate and screamed and cry for attention ,luckily her neighbour did not complain but instead was very concern to hear a crying pup! Phew! CJ you sure are lucky to have such an understanding neighbour and little puppy you are sure lucky too to have CJ as your new mummy…….

CJ please enjoy this interesting moment of the pups. You will miss it when he grows up. I believe you will not dump him and give up on him. He needs you to guide him to be a good companion and please let him know who the master is. Puppies are very intelligent , they know who to bully.

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