Thursday, September 9, 2010

We are Going To A Party!!!!

Lotus BD pix



Dear Wai Sam, Fan , Aunty Kiew (and the rest of rescuers and volunteers),  

Our dear lotus turns one today!  She has been with us since 26 February 2010, and how time flies.

We never realized she has turned from a little baby girl to a very elegant young lady in such a short period of time.

She is a joy to have and everyone seems to love her, from relatives, friends to neighbors.  Somehow, 'Princess Lotus' is her nickname by many but I have to confess I call her 'dumb dumb' at times for all the silly things she does.

She still keeps us on our feet with the gardening she so often seem to do without us knowing and the shoes she bites (and destroys) on a selective basis.

Many thanks must also go to Dr. Lee and Dr. Zamzi for taking care of her over the months.  They are indeed a blessing when Lotus is not well or requires boarding.

Attached are some pictures (credit goes to you all for taking some of then) prior to us adopting her until today.

Thank you for allowing us to find and have a new member to our family.

Keep up the great work, wishing you and all the puppies the very best.



We are invited to her party this Saturday! Isn’t it  Awesome. Lotus is celebrating her birthday with us!Lotus baby 1   No words to describe how happy we are for her. Thanks Chris and family for giving her such a good home!

 Picture 139

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