Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bibi’s pups ~ Gone too soon

Despite all the pre-cautions steps taken, we‘re totally baffled when Bibi’s pups leave us one by one..

This is why we’re always in need of fosterer for mum and their new borns. This is also why we’re reluctant to take in pregnant mummy or very young pups. It always break our heart when the furrizens in our shed leave us this way.. Aunty Kiew/Uncle Wong/Fan/Mrs Lai clean the shed everyday on weekday while the rest of the volunteers help clean the shed on weekend, the four-legged fren are constantly fed with vitamins and sent to vet for vaccination when due.. but still, death still managed to come and grab some away.




Dear Bibi,

we’re truly sorry for your lost.

We hope you can find solace in your furriends from the shed.

~God Bless and Peace be with you~






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IMG_0187  IMG_0329

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