Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please give Lily a home too

Lily is the last dog from one the earliest batch of pups that Aunty Kiew rescued.

Poor Lily… she has been bidding farewell to her childhood furriends one by one for the past 6 months and she’s the only one left of the bunch.

Please give Lily a home. She deserves a loving home too. She really is a good girl and she must be feeling really down now, wondering why nobody choose her. 

Ooh yeah, do click here to read about funny story of dear Lily >_<


IMG_0686 IMG_0839

This is the letter from Lily posted in the blog a few months back…

Pls, do find a place in your heart and home for Lily.

Hi! I am the last pup from the first batch of 12 puppies Aunty Kiew rescued.

If you were to see me in the temple you will see that I have shinny black hair.As I have been here the longest, I do get a lot of attention initially but since I have grown so much, I am very independent now. The Aunties here really hope that I will be able to find someone to give me a home and live just like my brothers and sisters.I am human friendly and do get along fine with the rest of the doggies here but I can be very fierce too if I feel that I am been bullied.

I truly hope that someone will give me a chance to be their loyal pet.

~ Lily ~

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