Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneak preview 4 - 史努比妹妹

Please come and meet our happy sunshine Snoopy darling!!!

snoopy 146408_148981758463528_100000551156771_352446_1152845_n

Gender : Female

Age : 5 months

Forever cheerful and happy go lucky…

snoo[y 246425_148981831796854_100000551156771_352447_1817057_n snoopy 446425_148981838463520_100000551156771_352449_1937312_n snoopy 346425_148981835130187_100000551156771_352448_942589_n

snoopy 546425_148981841796853_100000551156771_352450_4261392_n

If you like to take her home, please come to IOI Mall!!!

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