Friday, August 27, 2010

One more lost dog!!

felix felix 2

Ohhh no!!…We hope this isn’t real…another lost dog found by Eileen within 2 days….oh..boy…!!

Dear dear owner out there, please please please watch out for your pet dog…do not ever let them roam around freely without your supervision, you may know the way home but NOT your dear pet dog!!!

See the mail from Eileen below:

“This schanuzer, whom i named Felix, was found in Kota Damansara on Aug 24th evening. He looks like an old dog, and was wearing a thin red collar He has a maggot wound in his mouth, red eyes, as well as a very bloated stomach. My sister saw him walking slowly near her house and took him home to feed him. He ate hungrily and then didn't want to leave.

We took him to the vet the same day. Dr Edmond removed a number of maggots from his mouth and cleaned it up as much as possible without sedation.

Poor Felix was in obvious pain and struggled during the procedure. He is now under observation at the vet and further tests will need to be done to find out why his stomach is bloated.

I hope he isn't abandoned by his owner as Felix was the second old dog we found in two days. A day earlier, i found the chihuahua. He is doing fine now and will be transferred to foster home by Sunday but i am still hoping to track his owner.”

felix 3 felix 4

Please help us to spread the link to whoever you may know of staying nearby Kota Damansara, someone might be looking for his/her lost dog frantically and this poor dog must be missing his owner too!!

Please call Eileen at 019-3203875.

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