Friday, August 13, 2010

Rain or Shine, the furrizens shall eat

Firstly, thanks to April for sharing this with me.

These pictures were taken early this year.

It was raining cats and dogs….

IMG_0192  IMG_0195

but this never stop the selfless group of dedicated dog lovers <my hats off to you all!!> from going over to the dog shed to ensure that the dogs there get their meal.

  IMG_0189  IMG_0190

IMG_0191    IMG_0188

Aunty Kiew is more concern about the well-being of the dogs than herself..

  IMG_0198  IMG_0197

IMG_0199  IMG_0205

The rest of the admirably amazing people who were there to help were freezing too but everyone’s mighty happy that the dogs are fed.

IMG_0210  IMG_0213

Aunty Kiew consoling one of the frightened pup… aaAwWW…

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