Friday, August 13, 2010

New Man on the block # 2

Candidate # 2: Bobo

Your friendly short-legged Furry Fren.

IMG_0064  IMG_0085

Gals, meet Bobo. His legs may be short, but don’t be fooled.. coz he’s an escape artist like Frosty too.

Bobo is as agile as a monkey!

As Mrs Lai told us, he “fly in and out of the kennel”.. !!!…

Very smart too, coz Bobo rarely does that when there’s a lot of ppl at the shed.

It is very unfortunate for him that he’s caught in the act by Mrs Lai and Aunty Kiew @_@

Now the fence of the kennel is higher so Bobo can’t “fly” no more ~_^

Or maybe he’ll break his own high jump record.. You’ll never know how high a strong will can take you.. :D

IMG_0110  IMG_0133




Bobo in his “Chilling Out” Pose









Bobo attempt to smolder us with his sexy gaze.. Nah… sorry didn’t work on me @_@










Trying to appear taller than he really is.. and he does look taller in this pic. Smart eh?











 The “kesian” look he almost perfected! Won’t work on us, Bobo..

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