Saturday, August 7, 2010

One In One Out

sharon Sharon with  Millie and Mylie

Sharon was adopted by Ester for her parents in Taiping last April 2010. Since the day she left Millie has been crying most of the time. The 2 sisters seems lost though Mummy does not play with them even if she is around but will give them the affectionate kisses ocassionally. On hearing this kind Ester decided to take Millie home too.

P3310091Millie crying for mummy Sharon

 P6250430Mylie became a lone ranger when Millie was adopted.


She looked for Johnson for the  attention she misses but was never reciprocated. Her fairy Godmother must have heard her cry…….. and….  Uncle Shiu was here to sweep her off her loneliness.

 P1050654After 2 weeks with the Shius, we were told that Mylie will bark at dogs only(wait, she is a good alert dog, she will definitely bark at strangers given time to understand that she will  permanently be staying there). According to the Shius  after barking at BIG dogs and  realising  that she is petite in size she will run to them for protection.

P1050656Mille looking and crying for her sister as Mylie leaves with the Shius

On the same day Mylie was adopted, Millie was returned!

Ester, Thanks for trying. We understand that your parents can not cope with 2, especially Millie is a young and active puppy. Having an older and more mature pet is obviously more suitable for their lifestyle.

So Millie is back here again and is looking for a good home! She is a good alert dog and loves human attention too.


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