Friday, August 6, 2010

Home Wanted


With more than 50 furrizens (most in the shed and some are being cared for by our amazing fosterer), I still don’t know half the names of the furry fren here..

But these lovely pups and dogs are all looking for home. Would you like to take them home?

IMG_0273  IMG_0274

These siblings of two are very close and still quite wary of human. They mostly keep to themselves.

It breaks our heart when we see them shied away from human touch.  


IMG_0306  IMG_0526

Funny Ear dog ( I think one of the dog played a prank on the ears @_@ )   &

Smiley dog (She does seems like she’s smiling at you doesn’t she?) !!

IMG_0532   IMG_5100

Mulan ( or is it Lily? Sorry i still can’t differentiate .. –_- )  and Siew Siew ( or is it Mun Mun ? ).

Both are veteran of the shed.. They’re very lovable and well mannered.

Poor Siew Siew/Mun Mun is still recovering from i-dunno-what-it’s-called tht’s why she’s not fully coated.

But, with lots of love and care in a loving home, she will be as pretty as the rest of her fren.


IMG_5128   IMG_5141

Black Mouth Pups.. Very Inquisitive and zesty!

IMG_0347    IMG_0324  IMG_0443

Sophia is pretty new in our shed!

Sophia really love Gim.. hahaha… Everytime he’s here she’ll followed him everywhere :D

When April’s hubby is around she likes to follow him too. Don’t believe me? Just see the blurry pic as proof..hehe..

I think she just loves man >_<

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