Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh My Dog!

I guess there is no caption needed when you see the pictures below…

I thought I saw a stray goat from far….

 Danny5 Danny1 
Oh no! its a great dane!!! I guess most of you are speechless…. he is prolly TWICE my size.

Danny4Saliva all over my hands & t-shirt….

After 5 minutes of play-biting my hand, he still didn’t wanna let me go… He was trying to jump on me & lick my face. No way!!!! =P
Every passerby was puzzled when they saw me playing with this dirty giant >_<

I almost wanted to dog-napped him…. eventually I found out that he is owned by a factory in Batu Caves.

Have any of you seen this Giant Stray in Batu Caves industrial area before??


edgykay said...

more like.. oh my goat..:D

twohandflaws said...

No...I'm living in the batu Caves area.....has he been rescued?