Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dou Dou after grooming…

Can you believe, this is Dou Dou?

*See the previous posting about DouDou here...

**Dou Dou has gone for his vaccination, heartworm prevention jab and also a total make over!

We are urgently looking for an adopter for him. Fan is currently fostering Dou Dou but we prefer him to go to a permanent home now with a patient and understanding owner coz he has gone through the devastating stage i.e being left behind by his owner. His owner has moved to a high rise apartment and cannot bring him along. We do not want him to go through the same ordeal again when we found him a new owner after he has built his trust on human and then being left behind again.

So, please help us to forward the link and please do call us if you would like to give him a chance.
Alternatively, please call Vivien at 012-2521562

This is how Dou Dou looked like before his grooming session….


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edgykay said...

Dou Dou looking absolutely dashing after grooming! I likey!