Monday, August 16, 2010

Love know no boundaries

We just had our oldest adopter. A 91 year old uncle whom absolutely love dogs, was here at the shed with his wife and daughter to adopt a dog.

We’re so touched that despite his age, this uncle still want to take the effort and time to care for a furry fren. It is just so amazing how people love dogs.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to you!

This mean we’re bidding our farewell to one lucky furrizen! And she’s none other than Sooni ^_*

IMG_0256 IMG_0298


Sooni is one cool girl. She’s very independent and don’t talk unnecessarily. We hope that she’ll bring lots of joy to the uncle to show her appreciation for giving her a home.

Uncle Ng giving Sooni a pat before going home.

Bye Sooni! We will miss you but we won't stop you from going to a Home.We will visit you in your new home soon.

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