Monday, August 16, 2010

An Example to Follow


Since young Elsa has this connection with other living beings . She has no fear with 5 snakes all round her shoulders and holding baby crocodile (ee…eee…I fear reptiles!) at a very young age. According to her mum,she will even play with worms found on vegetables! Woh! That is something most kids will not do nowadays. Finally after 3 years of asking her parents for a pet, they relented. This young lady too does not want to buy BUT to ADOPT! Hmm….. I am really very happy that she understands that there are alot of furrfrenz who are without homes.

Elsa understands that an orphaned puppy will cry for warmth of a mummy in the middle of the night. She puts a small clock besides the puppy, now renamed Ginger every night when Ginger goes to sleep. The ticking of the clock will make Ginger feel more secure and will sleep soundly.

It Works! Elsa really did her homework before she adopts. We are really impressed.

Elsa, Thanks for this piece of advise. We learn from you too. Do share with us what else you have read to bring up a good and obedient pet. Let’s share with other young pet owners Wannabe.

We believe Ginger will definitely turn out to be a good pet with you as her new Mama and brings tonnes and tonnes of joy to your family.

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