Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lady Marisa, adopted










I had a dream.. A fairy godmother   fairy god

appear in my dream and tell me that if i’d be a good girl, a loving family will take me home.



So, during the adoption drive, i’m on my best manner

( not to say that I’m not well mannered most of the time.. Really..You can ask my fosterers for references )

IMG_5417   IMG_5660

I help greet the visitors, and I dutifully respond when called. Of coz, an immediate response is guaranteed if there’s bribe (I love to eat!) involved.

IMG_5680  IMG_5682  

Fairy godmother is right!! This lovely people want me to be a part of their family!

IMG_5702   IMG_5703

Lady Marisa, we will miss you so very much!! Be a good girl and shower this family with lotsa love!

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