Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BiBi the Lucky Girl

I managed to watch the arrival of Bibi before I rushed home for dinner on Sunday…

P1050989When I saw this mama dog on the truck, I was puzzled. I was wondering how did Bobbie get on the truck?
Just in case you do not know who is Bobbie, please click here.

P1050993 P1050992
Auntie Kiew nicknamed her Bibi as she looks like Bobbie.

P1050990 P1050991  
Poor Bibi was having car sick… vomitting n drooling throughout the trip from Port Klang to Old Klang Road.


This uncle called for help when the municipal gonna catch this poor girl. Uncle been feeding Bibi near an abandoned warehouse in Port Klang for quite some time. He then chartered this green-coloured lorry & paid over RM100 to bring BiBi and pups to the shed. Mrs Lai guide them over trillions times but the lorry driver just never find his way to the shed.

** Uncle may not have the knowledge of spaying/neutering the mama dog. But I am sure most of the blog readers (yes, You!) know what is spay-neuter. Be a responsible owner, spay-neuter your pet! **

P1060007 P1050997 
Oh my… How many pups are in the box?

They are all 6 of them!!!

P1050999  P1060002 P1060003   P1060004 P1060005 P1060006  
They are all so cute & adorable…  They look so tiny n malnourished
Mind you! By not knowing who their father is, does not make them PARIAH dogs!!!

Auntie Kiew busy doing calculations….
16 dogs out on Saturday Adoption Drive…. 1+6 dogs in on Sunday!
and our another rescued mama dog Girlie just delivered 6 pups on Saturday.
So its 16 out, 13 in….

 P1060012 P1060013    P1060014 P1060015  
No… Uncle, you should jump down from the truck first… Then only you hold Bibi >_<

P1060017 P1060018 P1060019
Mrs Lai then guided uncle on how to hold Bibi….

No worries Bibi… You and your 6 pups are now in good hands. We will try our best to take care of all of u =)

We have now rescued all of them. Please let us know how you could help us to help the furry friends?
We seriously need volunteers to help sending the pups n dogs to the vet, bathing them, cleaning the shed, feeding them, help us build the shelter….

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