Thursday, July 1, 2010

We Miss You….


Choo Chai was taken back from the vet to be nursed. Aunty Kiew made a hammock for him to sleep in as he was having bed sores. After she prepared some chicken porridge for him she found him sleeping peacefully in the hammock. May he rest in peace...

Thank You to all who have sponsored Choo Chai during the Pet World Expo last weekend. We have resorted to changing his name from Jacky to Choo Chai. Call us superstitious if you want, but we hope by changing his name to Choo Chai (The name commonly used in olden days by the Chinese community where mortality rate of birth for young children was high and they believe that giving children animals names will give them a better chance of survival) he will recover fast. With heavy hearts we bid him farewell.

The funds collected for Chooi Chai will be kept and used for other puppies in need.

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雅典娜 娜娜 said...

Dear Choo Chai,rest in peace