Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on Marisa

We received some enquiries during the Pet World exhibition in Mid Valley about the progress of Marisa. Thank you so much for being so concern about her. Here is a little update from Eileen who has visited her with her fosterer, Krystal, in Kota Damansara

“I visited Marisa last night.

She seems happy, has put on weight and looks in good shape. She was friendly as usual and was walking about. Currently confined in a very wide enclosure with a cage inside where she sleeps. She pees and poos on the grass within the enclosure. Krystle takes her for walks in the morning and night now. Marisa will bark at her to go for walk when she takes her dog Pop first:)

Krystle's other dog is a hyperactive mini poodle Cooper, who is also kept in a separate enclosure at night and when she is out because he is not toilet trained. So far the three dogs are okay with each other.
She has very good appetite and seems to prefer kibbles to rice or canned meat. Fed twice a day and more if she wants. She greedily gobbles up the rawhide stick that i gave her :)

I think her recovery progress is excellent but not fully yet, as she isnt her usual hyperactive self. “

photo mari 002 mari 005

Mean while Krystal can only foster her until this weekend, we are actively looking for a new fosterer for her. We believe it is better for her to be in home environment than the shed.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thanks those who have sponsored Marisa in the Sponsor A Dog in the Hall Of Fame in the exhibition in Mid Valley. We would not be able to make it this far without your generous help and support.

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Shane Kent Louis said...

wow, nice blog. You do a great job with marisa. thanks and keep it up. :D
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