Friday, July 2, 2010

We are shocked too!

Vivien sent us an email on this article which was posted in the blog of Malayisan Dog Deserve Better dated 30 June 2010.

mddb1 Just look at the number of cars and traffic in the area - yet no one cared

mddb2 The number of cars parked near the dog - yet no one cared.

mddb3 The poor boy - lost his life in vain.

We are posting this with a very heavy heart. A friend, Eileen, who is an independent rescuer called us this morning to say that someone had informed her of a dog that had met with an accident in PJ – somewhere in Taman Megah. This is Eileen’s message after the dog had been found dead. She had also sent some pics.

The dog died right in front of a newly opened cafe in Taman Megah nearby to Lim Kok Wing institute. He has a collar on. Was believed to have been hit by a car, Both rear legs have been crushed and can't move. Have been there for several days but no one came forward to help. Somebody left a packet of rice but doubt the poor boy could move to eat. What has our society come to??? Poor dog in terrible suffering May he RIP. May his death not in vain but help raise awareness that people can do something for injured dogs.

The person who had called told her he was informed the dog, which had a shattered leg, had been lying there for the last three to four days. We are shocked – why didn’t anyone even bother to help this poor dog. What about its owners – did they know that their dog was missing? We made immediate arrangements to rescue the dog but when the caller went back to the scene this afternoon, the poor dog was dead. However, it was still alive when he had passed by in the morning. We shudder to think the pain, fear, hunger and thirst the poor dog must have endured these last few days. Why didn’t anyone even think about calling the SPCA, PAWS or even us – as we are certain that there would have been many people who had seen this dog. What is most appalling is that people can actually sit and eat at the restaurant while the dog was lying there dying! If anyone of you happens to come across this blog posting –SHAME ON YOU! Dogs are mammals just like us that also undergo all the pain and emotions that we are capable of experiencing. Had he been rescued on the day of the accident or even the second or third day – the dog may still be alive. So, we beg you people – next time you see an injured animal on the streets – don’t look the other way. Help it! If its money that you don’t want to spend – you can always call us for a reimbursement – we will pay you back even if it takes our entire month’s salaries. This lack of apathy towards animals in need of help is indicative of a defective society. We just can’t believe that not even one person had cared enough to help. To motorists, next time you hit a cat or a dog – please do the right thing – doesn’t just drive or scoot off. RIP doggie – we wish we had known of you earlier.

May you Rest In Peace, dear boy.

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