Friday, July 2, 2010

Fosterer needed urgently

A contractor whom Vivien knows of called to ask for her help to rescue 2 pups that he has been keeping since Feb 2010.


This is the mama Shih Tzu. Caged 24/7 and barely have space to move and below are her little pups. In different cage. separated from her, also caged 24/7!

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Both pups are believed to be around 5 months old but weigh barely more than 1kg. They are obviously under weight and malnurioush. Uncle seems to be ignorant of what is happening.

Vivien decided to rescue the 2 pups but she urgently needs help to look for a fosterer. She also found that uncle is unfit to keep the mama, she will try to persuade him to let her take the mama dog away.

She will send the 2 pups for a thorough health check while we are trying our best to look for a fosterer for the 2 pups. It is better for a tiny pup to go to a home environment especially when their health need to be boosted.

If you would like to adopt the pups or give them a temporary home, please do not hesitate to contact us or give Vivien a call at 012-2521562.

If you are not able to reach us, please send us mail at

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