Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She May be Crazy

Some may comment that ‘She is crazy to pay RM100 for a stray pup’.


Well, she may be, but we feel that what she did was a great favor in this cruel world.

What has she actually done with this RM100 ?

1.Adeel and colleague will at least have extra RM100 till they can find another job.

2.LongLong’ will have a better chance of survival. She may be caught by the dog catcher in due course or die due to disease or hunger as Adeel and colleague will not guard this area anymore.

3.We will look for a home for LongLong – one less stray around.

4.60,000 unwanted puppies will be prevented in 6 years as LongLong will be spayed.

5.……. there will be more if you care to think further, but at this moment she has…..most importantly saved ONE LIVE and we will encounter LESS SUFFERINGS in future!……………hmmm…muak…muak….muak….Sam!!

Thanks Sam for being so brave and selfless.Your RM100 sure stretch very far! Without you too, we are not as bold as we are today too! We hope more youngsters will follow.

Nb: Thanks Ethan for supporting what she is doing. Without your support too she may have difficulties in this mission.

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