Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marisa moved to a new foster home

We guess Marisa is a seasoned “traveller” now that she is so used to car ride ever since she was rescued. She has been moving from one foster home to another especially during the period she is under medical treatment. Krystal can only foster Marisa until last weekend, so we have found her a new foster home. Thanks to Mrs Lai who is willing to take her in despite the fact that she is also fostering another 2 pups, i.e. Chicky and Chucky.

So off we went to Krystal’s house in Kota Damansara to pick up Marisa last Saturday. Thanks to Krystal who have fostered her for 2 weeks. Krystal said Marisa is a sweet, lovely and pretty lady. She has put on so much weight!

Image008 Marisa’s eyes turned wide and can’t wait to dash out when Sam took out her leash that Dizzy gave her.

Image009 Marisa obviously knows how to get into the car when we open the door.


She enjoys her car ride back to the temple to meet up with Mrs Lai.

This is the update we received from Mrs Lai about Marisa on Monday:

“I took Marisa for a walk around my area, she loved it and we ran a short stretch and she could run very well! She has good appetite too and can get along with the 2 little puppies.

She is a very good quiet girl, she hardly makes noise, let alone barks!

Mrs Lai”

Thank you Mrs Lai and everybody who has rendered your help. Lovely Marisa will be back to become our ambassador again.

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