Monday, July 26, 2010

Midnight Blues


Midnight / Hitam the black cat that has been sent to Dr Edmund for a special x-ray ( dunno what its called) kept vomiting whenever she eats. After continuous feeding her for every 15 mins to 30 mins, and snapping x-rays at the same time, no intestinal obstruction or partial obstruction (as earlier suspected) was detected. Not a good news.... Instead, she has a narrowing at her esophagus near her chest area. She was only fed about 6c.c. (around 6ml) of food and after 1 1/2 hours, the food was still stuck there. =((

Midnight dare not eat anymore as she knows she will vomit whenever she eats. Liquid / fluid will pass through the narrowing part, but not feeding her too much at one time. Only small amount of food will pass through as she poops once in a while (though very little).

A tube has is suggested to be put through from her throat to stomach. The tube will be placed for a month so that she can be fed regularly to fatten her up. If the tube is removed the problem will come back again as the tube is not for enlarging the narrowing part, the tube is for food to pass through to her stomach.

We need someone to foster her, feed her regularly, bit by bit, making sure she gets adequate food intake. Can't force feed too much as the food will get stuck n she will start to vomit again. =((

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