Monday, July 26, 2010

Cute Terrier mixed (豆豆) is looking for a second home!

We received an urgent SOS call from Vivien that her neighbour is moving to a high rise property soon and they are not able to bring this beautiful dog along cause the management of the condo does not allow pet in the compound. They decided to look for a good home for this beautiful terrier mixed.

Cute dog is called Dou Dou (豆豆). A very smart and alert boy. Dou Dou is currently 5 years old.

As informed by the owner, Dou Dou seems to understand that his owner is parting from him soon, he somehow shows his dissatisfaction towards his owner when they tried to talk to him. Dou Dou simply showed his unhappiness by looking on the floor when his owner explained to him about their difficulties.

Dou Dou loves to bark when he sees strangers. A good guard dog. We believe Dou Dou deserves a loving and patient family and those who can spend time with him to help him to overcome his insecurity due to the upcoming life changing event.

Please do call us if you are interested to give him a chance, or if you would like to try out a short period to see whether Dou Dou is fit into your family, please let us know, and we will arrange something out to help this poor boy.

Alternatively, you may call Vivien at 012-2521562 to find out more information about him.

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