Monday, June 28, 2010

Rehomed, Returned,Rehomed and ……..

Returned Again!!!!!

If you remember our handsome Ah Boy who ran away from home when he was rehomed in Kajang sometime back in October 2009,he was rehomed again.


Ah Boy is never short of callers who are interested in adopting him.Finally a persistent  young Wong from Kajang again  came to take him home. With all our warnings and reminders that Ah Boy will try to escape at night,Wong took the necessary precautions and preventions.

When he left, Aunty Kiew cried her heart out as she truly missed him. She has taken care of him since he was a puppy. Nursing him , treating his skin problem to a handsome boy today.After the first night with all of us worried, Wong managed to keep him securely in the house. Off course the cage was destroyed and the peaceful neighborhood was not spared with his incessant barking. Nevertheless,we were happy that young Wong is willing to take the challenge of domesticating Ah Boy. After the first night we did not follow up with any calls as we believed Wong can handle him. Hah! Just as we felt a bit of assured by Wong,he called to inform us that he will be returning Ah Boy! Wong’s  parents were not to happy with destructive and noisy Ah Boy.

Aunty Kiew sms us when Ah Boy was brought back.

Ah Boy dah balek.Dia marah dan nangis.Gigit dan tarik tangan saya.Dia sangat marah.

So he is  back again staying around the apartment of Aunty Kiew!

Ah Boy sure is a challenge to adopt.

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