Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before & After – Part 3

No one actually recognises this handsome boy! Not even the fosterers nor the rescuers!

Yes, he really resembles the look of his mother.
Still no idea who is this?

P1040525Look at the way he lies down! Look exactly like……………..


Lydia & pups1 (9)P1040478
The 1st day we rescued him           &        After 4 months been adopted

 furball2   P1040526
Furball         &           DD

P1040483April rescued Furbal a.k.a. Dexter a.k.a. Fei Zai (now renamed DD) from Desa Petaling in January.

P1040453 P1040519
DD camwhoring *
According to Kewy, DD is the real camwhore.

We sent him for neutering last Thursday and the vet Dr Liu said he is one HAPPY boy. He is so well mannnered. He doesn’t jump on us to greet us, he never jump on the sofa or furniture, he comes whenever you call his name – DD. Yes, his name is DD. He was adopted by Kewy & sister who adopted Olio back in January 2010.

P1040455 P1040457
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts & doggie friends’ paws! Thank you for giving Olio & DD a good home

After few months being together, DD & Olio are inseparable…

P1040463 P1040467
DD & Olio smile the same way…

 P1040525 P1040469
They lie down the same way….
Even their tails curl the same way! Aren’t you amazed?


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