Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Arrivals!

“Happiness is a warm puppy” ~Charles M. Schulz

They are 11 of them and they actually toilet-trained themselves in a cute way!

P1040184 P1040185 P1040180 P1040181 P1040182 P1040179P1040183
Smartie Pie - She looks like a mini shiba inu. She always squeezes out from the playpen.

P1040155 P1040156 P1040157

   The Deep Thinker who gets wrinkles when it comes to food

P1040160 P1040161 P1040162 P1040163 P1040159P1040164 P1040165 P1040166 P1040167
The green-eyed monster – can’t help taking her pics as she has attractive green eyes!

The greedy duos… loves Jerhigh to the maxXxxXxx

The one with pretty eyebrows

P1040168P1040174 P1040169          
The blurry ones – Just couldn’t sit still to camwhore

Please call Fan 012-20529062 / Sam 012-2900215 / Mrs Lai 016-332338 to enquire more!
P/S: If we do not pick up your calls, either we are busy attending other dogs, feeding the dogs, at the vet, on the phone with other adopters / rescuers / vets, we are at work etc…. So please drop us an SMS / email (
missionshare5@gmail.com) to let us know more about you! We would love to hear from you.

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