Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aren’t They Cute?

As usual, they are all up for adoption!

P1040412 P1040411 P1040410
Yes… we do rescue kittens sometimes! This male kitten is now up for adoption.

Sommersault & sibings

P1040187 P1030987P1030976  P1030954P1030955P1030936 P1030985


P1030944 P1030945    P1030946 P1030949 P1030940 P1030941 P1030951 P1030952 P1030948
& her cute Sister


P1030999   P1030993 P1030994 P1040003 P1030932 P1030934 P1040006
and their Tai Kor who has 6 toes! Anyway, the brother has been adopted during the last adoption drive.

Please call Fan 012-20529062 / Sam 012-2900215 / Mrs Lai 016-332338 to enquire more!
P/S: If we do not pick up your calls, either we are busy attending other dogs, feeding the dogs, at the vet, on the phone with other adopters / rescuers / vets, we are at work etc…. So please drop us an SMS / email (missionshare5@gmail.com) to let us know more about you! We would love to hear from you.

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