Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Reunion

Yuki a.k.a. Mei Mei dropped by to visit us on Last Sunday. Her little boyfriend BaoBei tagged along as well.

Its been a year since Yuki been adopted by Janice. She is our very first adopted dog. We were so amazed when Yuki came, CheChe (Big sister) was the very first doggie who welcomed Yuki. Since Yuki has left the shed for a year & we doubt the sisters could recognise each other. But who knows? Maybe it’s their doggie instinct, they just know they are from the same family.


Happy Family Reunion!

P1040144  P1040146 P1040147 P1040142

 P1040149 P1040150 P1040148

Lastly, a very big Thank You from all the doggie friends to Janice & her sister for your kind donations!

Woof Woof!
*You sure know how to make a dog’s tail wag!*

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