Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Before & After – Part 1

Check out all these before after pics, 100% guaranteed without any cosmetic surgery or photoshop.
Okay okay… Maybe with a lil professional grooming & intensive TENDER LOVING CARE.

1) From skinny MeiMei

Image154 Image155 Image156 Image157 Image158
MeiMei was a Parvo victim, the pics were took at Dr Edmund’s clinic a year ago. We then sent her to Dr Kiew’s clinic in Kepong. She was hospitalised for 3~4 weeks before Janice fostered her. She was so scrawny & look at her ribcage!

To bubbly Yuki
P3132600 P3132601

P1040143 P1040141 P1040142

The above pics tell you all! She has grown much bigger, put on weight, wears her cheeky smile 24/7, non-stop wagging tail and has gorgeous whitish coat!  Thank you Janice giving Yuki a loving home!

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