Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artwork by Marc Peanut

Please meet the Creative Director - Marco

 P1040066 P1040067

P1040068 P1040069

And the his promising sidekick – Mister Peanut

P1040070 P1040071
Now you see, now you don’t!


P1040073 P1040074

The creative duo used my blanket as their canvas while I was asleep.

Then they tore the bolster cover into pieces!

P1040062 P1040061 P1040060 P1040057


Fan said...
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Fan said...

You want to dump them back on the street or are you happy, now that you have an excuse to get new blanket and covers??

Sam said...

neither... I am still using the blanket with a hole =) hahahaha... I was puzzled when I saw cotton all over the floor... was looking around thinking that they might kill one of my soft toys. tsk, eventually i found a big-hole blanaket