Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Bundle of Joy for Adoption!


P1040041 P1040040P1040022
I am the hyperactive one!

  P1040038 P1040042 P1040029
I am the mini-me of Yumiko (Mico)

 P1040031 P1040019
I am definitely not a gloomy donkey. I will bring you bundle of joy, I promise!

P1040053Check out my side profiles!
P1040046 P1040047

P1040050   Doggies Aerobic!

All of them can’t wait to go to good, loving homes!

Please call Fan 012-20529062 / Sam 012-2900215 / Mrs Lai 016-332338 to enquire more!
P/S: If we do not pick up your calls, either we are busy attending other dogs, feeding the dogs, at the vet, on the phone with other adopters / rescuers / vets, we are at work etc…. So please drop us an SMS / email (missionshare5@gmail.com) to let us know more about you! We would love to hear from you.

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