Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time Will Heal and Time is What we Need

Our Rescue work is never a bed of Roses, but we still have to carry on even if it is fill with thorns…….

Our recent crisis left us all badly bruised. We are still in the stage of digesting the truth. Most of our unvaccinated dogs at the temple have all gone to Rainbow Bridge. If only they were not so wary of us. May all of them be in a better existence now.

When It Pours…………

Yes we do have pups and dogs returned to us……

Each time we rehome a pup and dog we are actually taking a risk whether they will end up in a good home or returned to us..

Simon was returned to us on 24th April 2010 but glad to say we found her a new home. Previous adopter claimed that she is too noisy and attention seeking.Adopter’s poodle doesn’t want to play with her, neighbors were complaining. To make matter worst, adopter stays in an apartment(she insisted of adopting when we refused her).

Frosty. Adopter’s dad could no longer keep him as dad was diagnosed with diabetes and has to go for daily dialysis.


Frosty in the vet for neutering before been sent back to the shed


Frosty been welcomed by the rest in the shed


He found that Tigger could be his good friend now that Lei Lei is no longer here.

Its comforting to know Elsie is giving Chili ,renamed Kellie a second chance.Hopefully she will be patient with Kellie’s inquisitive nature and Kellie’s skin problem will heal fast.

Last but not least Mico is under treatment to be her old beautiful self.

Mico Mico when we took her back from former adopter’s houseP5200147

Mico is an ardent gardener

P5200148She does a lot of weeding.

What we and our furry friends actually need is TIME.

Looks like we can not be too happy when we manage to rehome a pup or dog unless adopters assure us of his commitment.

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