Saturday, May 22, 2010

Roxie certainly has her Day!

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Roxie is much better now, actually runs around to play in the garden. She runs faster than me now. My mom also commented that Roxie will sit up more nowadays instead of lying down all the time. Whiskers also not so droopy :)

I'm still feeding her rice mixed with chicken meat and liver. She' starting to accept kibbles.
Dr Lee put her on tick fever medication for a month and iron supplements to help build up her blood. I'm continuing her supplement - its a round, brown pill, size like a 20sen coin and smells like a dog treat.(
Thanks for understanding that Roxie been a stray since the day we met her will definitely have some  deficiency in her health)
Roxie is on frontline spot-on but I think I will get the spray too. Sounds good. My sis mentioned it can be used to spray on furniture too. Anyone tried this?

I don't feel totally prepared to own a pet and there are some things that I never for see.For example, i thought that giving a stray a home is already good enough but Roxie is now very attached to people, so leaving her at home alone when I am at work makes her sad :( Not sure what to do about this! (Roxie has fully moved in with me now. Previously she is at my mom's place in the day time. But this can't be a long term solution. Today is the second day I'm leaving her at my apartment.
Any ideas anyone? Besides fostering another dog :)

(Don’t worry, she will get used to it. Well, who wouldn’t be lonely being alone all day long. Keep her busy when you are not around with toys and bones. We wouldn’t advise you on another dog if you are not prepared but obviously that is  the best solution)

iphone 151iphone 192 So deep in sleep

We love these photos you sent to us! She looks soooo…. pretty. We couldn’t be more than happy to see her sleeping in her own bed like a baby.

Each time we received mails on the progress of our furry friends we rehomed, we will be so excited to post in our blog because we would like to share our joy with everyone out there! We too like to let other know that our furry friends are just as adorable as any other  you see in the pet shop if you are willing to give them a have a proper home.

Thanks again Dizzy for giving Roxie the care and love she deserves for being an angel.

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Sam said...

Roxie the yogi, sleeping time also practising yoga!