Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Petfinder – Pets4Life



We were invited to the Petfinder Adoption Drive on 8th & 9th of May @ Tropicana City Mall.


: Help us help dogs :

A big Thank you to Fan , Michelle, Rena, Eileen, April &  Geok Keng for helping out at the adoption drive.  Total 5 dogs were adopted – Macy, Eileen’s rescued pup & the trios rescued by Michelle.

Thank you Petfinder for inviting us to this event & help us in dog rehoming. Thank you to those kind-hearted donors who contributed to our fund, help us help the doggies!


Every pet matters: Every dog / cat deserves a loving home. Please consider adopting a homeless dog / cat from animal shelter  instead of buying one.

Image007 Image001

Macy has her day too!
Yippee!! Our darling Macy was adopted by the young couple from Sunway Damansara


Macy, we are gonna miss you loads!


The 3 snuggle bugs were rescued by Michelle from Puchong pound


The trio look so cute together

  Image012 Image014 Image013

Michelle’s rescued pups found good homes too!

IMG_0079 Image009

Wanted: Love : Our lovely ambassador – Marisa asking for petting session & also thanking the donors who contributed to our funds.

IMG_0078 IMG_0057

The trios attracted some petting sessions from the crowd too!

IMG_0028 Image000

Make room in your heart: Our good natured Chrissy is still waiting for a loving home. We are absolutely sure someone will fall in love with your white boots & cute ears =)


Oh, its been a tiring day. Let’s nap for a while!


Paws Mission said...

Macy, You look so Pretty.With proper care and a loving home, you will shine.

Zammie said...

So happy for Macy! You gals did a great job again. The buntings look nice!