Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another SOS - from Dizzy

We received another SOS call from Dizzy.(If you follow our posting, Dizzy is Wolfy's new daddy.) Dizzy told us his friend has found a dog loittering at Shah Alam. He is believed to be a lost dog. Some kind of Boxer or Bull dog.

The rescuer is asking for help to look for a fosterer. We have told Dizzy to send us a photo of the dog and we will try our best to look for a fosterer/adopter.

Now that we received the photo, and here is Dizzy's e-mail.

Hi ,

This is the dog I mentioned. He was found in Shah Alam (Digi HQ) area. It is currently at Dr Lee's. Dr Zamzi checked the dog - it is healthy, just needs a home!

Msg from my fren Theresa:
Anyone keen to adopt an adult male dog? Mixed Boxer/Bulldog about 5 to 6 yrs old - i think. Picked him up from the streets yesterday. Sent it to shower and now boarding at the vet.

Thanks for helping to put the word out to fosterers! Theresa will post on

If you are able to help us to foster this lost dog, please let us know. Theresa sincerely hope that somebody would be able to help foster/adopt this dog. Please help spread the word. Together we make a better living for these voiceless animals.

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Zammie said...

Good news! Theresa found an adopter for this dog already. Thank God for another dog off the streets! :)