Thursday, April 1, 2010

Woof Woof to SAS


We would like to Thank Save A Stray (SAS) headed by Jacqueline Tsang for sharing her kibbles with us.Our path was made smoother as none of us were able to cook rice for our furry friends like Aunty Kiew during her absence and it would burn a big hole in our pocket too to feed solely on kibbles.

The whole episode of the Municipal coming made us very stressed and tensed but we know that in times of need there are people around who are willing to help not only us but our furry friends. We truly hope more will come forward to lend us a hand as our future is still very Blur and Uncertain.

Help in any form is never enough, may it be morally or physically.If you would like to support us please call Sam at 012-2900215 or Fan at 012-2052906.

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