Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Updates

Guess who they are???

teh-c2clue:They belong to the long haired colony.

Their mum was missing recently. Their other sibling is adopted by Agnes from Johor.


Yes, they are the Riverside Babies!! They were adopted by Chrystine from Kuantan last February 2 010.

email from Chrystine: Teh-C (Female) and another is Cham-Bing (Male), we name them according to their her color. They seem naughty nowadays, our shoes always disappeared, only left one side. Anyway, we still love them much, will keep you updated.

image Here is a picture of Munchy taken a few days ago. He now weighs 25 lbs.

Email on Munchy:Well Munchy has been here for 10 days and is slowly adapting himself. He has grown very fond of the maid and very friendly to all at home. He has not shown any inclining of becoming a Watch Dog since he runs to the back of the house every time the gate opens.(dont worry, his true colour will surface once he is realize that this is his home.)He never likes being tied up and I foresee some problem when the doghouse is ready. (oophs ! forgot to warn you, he is capable of opening and closing the gate at our shed and is a good spider dog)

Yesterday I took him for his second round of vaccinations. The vet estimated his age as 6 months and his month of birth noted as September 2009. He made a bit of fuss going into the clinic but when in he was okay. Regarding the neutering, the vet was of the opinion that if has was not too aggressive or goes round and comes into other dogs on heat, he advised against neutering.(oh you should wait till he is comfortable in his new home to judge whether he is aggressive or not. We at the shed thinks he is very dominating )He felt that dogs lose their mascunity and become somewhat slow and docile.(That is not very true, refer to the story of Boy Boy who has his day.He is still as aggressive as before.) Have to think about this by the time of the next vaccination.


From Scott on Cici

Her appetite I would say quite alright because she eats her dog biscuits and not fussy. She like any other dog that loves treats. Now she really knows that if I hold a treat and she wants it, she'll straight away sit down and before I give her and she gets up I'll move back then she'll automatically sit down and wait again. Very cute! She hasn't learn how to shake hands because most of the time she'll lick or bite my hand when I tap her hands even if I'm holding her treat on another hand. Probably she'll take some time to actually learn and I do hope that she can bark at strangers as well as bite them if they have bad intentions.(Ha, ha, ha…be patient Scott,she does have a loud bark )
We actually give her attention except when she jumps like spiderman. Hehe. Walks, she always gets evening walks from me or my dad depending who gets home first and also the weather. The reason we tie her up is because she bites almost everything that she find even metal which she can't bite. running away so far there is no escape route in the house because none of our dogs has ran away expect if we open the gate and missed them.

We need a guard dog because twice my dad's grass cutter got stolen when we had no dog. It is more of the grass cutter jumps in when no one is at home and finds the grass cutter and takes it away because if we have our own, they won't have business from us and they usually charge RM50+ because my garden is rather big. So with a guard dog they won't dare enter knowing that they might get bitten.(OK now you can ask your dad to buy a new grass cutter. Cici will do her duty).

About companionship, hm.. That one i have got to talk to my dad because no matter what it is his house and I'm sure that he is as scared as me seeing the whole porch being messed up by one dog what more 2? Hehe..(Maybe with a companion they will be playing and fighting with each other and no time to mess your garden.)

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