Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Touching Story from the Riverside


It all started with the normal morning feeding of the dogs staying along the riverside. Bobby as usual came out to eat. Aunty Kiew decided to ask Bobby where her puppies are. Strangely, Bobby seems to understand. She stopped eating and ran upstream, turned and looked at Aunty Kiew,expecting Aunty Kiew to follow her. Aunty Kiew followed her. Halfway through saw Bambam from afar! Afraid to go any further alone, she decided to call Mrs Lai to accompany her.

The Indian workers around told them its too dangerous to follow Bobby as there is no proper path in and there maybe snakes around too. Somehow or other they need to take Bambam down as they fear he may be the victim of the snakes (2 riverside dogs are still missing).


Bobby led them to a clean dry path different from what she normally uses. She stopped once in a while to ensure that they are following her. They came to an abandon house! Aunty Kiew was quite shocked as she never knew there was an abandoned house here.Besides cheeky Bambam they found shy Bono and Bailey. They were HUGE! We suppose Bobby understands that it is time to let her puppies go, the Riverside is not a place to call home……

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straydog said...

Yes, dogs can understand humans. If we are close to our pet dogs, and there is complete trust and bonding, then when we say something, the dog picks up our thoughts and not so much the spoken words and understand.
There are actual cases where dogs can hear their masters' commands even from say one kilometre away via telepathy. The owner will visualise the dog in his mind and say for instance: "Bambam, come to me now". And Bambam hears the telepathic message from his master and goes to him. Dogs and other animals have a 'supernatural' ability to find people even when they are far away.
Truth is stranger than fiction they say.
We think our pets are dumb, when it is most pet owners who are dumb! Animals are more intelligent than we think they are. Animals operate on a sixth sense level, and we can converse with our pets using telepathy.
Animals can tell you that an earthquake is about to hit the area or a tsunami is going to wipe out an entire coastal village. Humans who do not upgrade their sixth sense since birth cannot predict earthquakes or tsunamis.
So we should respect our pet animals for they are in a way more advanced creatures than us humans.
Madame Kiew is like a dog whisperer, she can bond easily with dogs... the dogs trust her and many of them can pick up her thoughts and understand what she is trying to say to them. If Madame Kiew upgrades her sixth sense then she can also catch the telepathic thoughts from the dogs to her and she can understand what they are saying to her.
Truth is stranger than fiction. We humans have a lot to learn from the animals.