Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Email from Wolfie’s Daddy

Dizzy tells us why he adopted an adult dog instead of a pup.

She looks small next to me!

Smiley Wolfie & her Dizzy Daddy

Hi Sam and all the Aunties at the shed,

It’s been 3 weeks since I fostered and later adopted Wolfie. So far she is really happy and have adapted to life as a domesticated dog.

When she first arrived she was overly submissive and lifeless. She would lie against the wall the whole day and sleep. She was also afraid of people, so I think maybe she had been chased or beaten before. She didn’t even bark and I was afraid she might be mute!

Happily, she has since improved and recognizes me as her owner! She also likes my mom who feeds her (haha!) She is smiling a lot more and is more lively, thanks in part to a better diet (yum) and medication to help her overcome some minor health issues. She is an angel at the vet, she may be afraid or find it painful but she doesn’t complain even for her jabs and blood test.

Goofy smilePretty Wolfie

I keep a log of her progress, vet visits and even her pooping days! And of course the ‘milestones’ like the first time she pranced around to play with me and the first walk we took together. (Wow! She looks so happy now! Walking her in the first few days must be a challenge for both of you!)

I’m glad I chose an adult dog because it meant I could already judge her temperament and character. As I’ll be living alone, I don’t think I can cope with a crying, constantly hungry puppy chewing up the furniture when I’m not home. I did a lot of research before deciding an adult dog would suit me better.

Wolfie might have been a stray but she learns fast! Although she makes mistakes, she understands her place in the family, knows where not to poop, and knows not to get onto the couch! She is also a clever escape artist! She has escaped to both my neighbours’ houses many times and knows how to get out from a playpen!

Wolfie has had many little adventures since living with me. After seeing me pick up her poop in the garden once, she realised that the garden is part of ‘home’, so escaped to the neighbour’s garden to poop instead! Hahaha! (I apologized to the neighbour of course) (Haha!! Our Heroine Sai E did the same thing last time!)

Finally Wolfie likes to be around people and doesn’t like to be left behind. She also whines and barks when I’ve been away a long time and recognizes the sound of my car. I find her to be a dog that is highly intelligent with all the doggie qualities that we love. She’s not above stealing food from the table now and then though! Bad dog!!Camera shy

That’s all for now! Thank you for making a happy ending for Wolfie and me and keep up the good work! (We are so glad that Wolfie have found you =)


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Paws Mission said...

Dizzy, I am extremely happy and speechless after reading your mail.How I wish there are more of you around who is willing to take this challenge and give the older dog a chance. Older dogs can be trained to be what you want them to be if you try isn't? I adopted a 2yr old stray myself and she is very domesticated now and an angel too! ---- Fan