Monday, March 22, 2010

When It Is Raining Cats & Dogs....

What do you do when it is raining cats & dogs?

Woflie: I prefer being a snugglebug in the basket...

Wolfie: Aunties, am I too big for this basket?
Wolfie: Or is this basket a tad too tiny for me?

Wolfie: Nolar... I think this basket is just nice for me.
Wolfie is a gorgeous spitz collie cross. She was rescued by a kind soul after giving birth to a litter of pups. She is friendly and smart, with a gentle temperament and very affectionate with humans. Likely to be a lost or abandoned pet. Wolfie has been spayed. Please open your home and heart to Wolfie and give her the love that she deserves.

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havetailwillwag said...

wolfie is so pretty! she really does look like a friendly little wolf. i don't see how anyone could possibly resist her charms, i'm sure she'll be adopted soon.