Monday, March 22, 2010

A Going Home Week

P3160419 Sharmila will sure be a good mummy to Cutie Pie. Cutie Pie is a real tough puppy,she barks at Sharmila’s dad when she is not pleased. For a small puppy like her, she knows what she wants.Yes she was barking at fosterer’s daughter when disturbed


Cutie Pie and Sharmila snuggling each other before leaving for home.


Yumiko has her day. She will also have a few furry friends and Angie’s animal loving kids to play with. Yumiko’s beautiful velvety coat is a sure attraction to her new daddy and mummy. Angie you will not regret picking her, she will surely bring bundles of joy and laughter not only to your kids but to every member in your family including the other furry friends.

Yumiko Thanking mummy for bringing her home

P3190453Big hug for mummy


Cici too finally going home with the Ngs. Uncle Ng, Cici does posses the quality you are looking for. We will surely miss her smart and dominating presence.

She is really an angel with we humans. Very obedient and loving.


Uncle Ng decided to carry Cici on his lap on their way home and Cici obviously loves it.



Ah Ha! Danson finally found a pet to call his own. He has a pet dog at home but its his mum’s. He wanted Softball. We told him where Softball was found and what was our requirement to adopt him. Danson understand our plight.Lucky Softball to find an understanding ‘daddy’.Danson, Softball will surely give you his Heart!




Sam teaching the first timer owner of a pet how to carry a pup


Our designer coat, Jerry and new master flashing their smile at us


'Our little cute chubby puppy is going home too after a week here. We won't hold her back if somebody is ready to give her a good home. Fat-Fat as she is named by us looks happy.





I am sure Darryl is smitten by her gentleness and beauty.Don’t worry Rachael, she is intelligent enough to know she can not take your place but will add to both of your happiness. 



Yes this is our Little ET ,renamed Lily.She too get to go home.Aunty is kinda of worried why she is very quiet.Well, who wouldn’t be  quiet after so many months roaming around  freely with so many 4 legged friends and now confined in a clean environment called Home with only 2 legged companions?


Aunty decided to carry Lily herself








Feeling pleased after putting Lily safely in the car

PS: Aunty does not believe in spaying initially but after talking to her, showing her what difficulties and problems we face, she kept quiet (Sssh..she does not want to support us openly that spaying is still good for everyone but  we believed that  she is beginning to understand our plight when she  donated generously from  the purse she was carrying)

Sms rec on 23rd Mar 10 : She is much better today but does not bark. We call her Lily.She loves meat and not bisquit-verygood appetite.


havetailwillwag said...

congratulations on all the adoptions!!!! keep up the good work!! you have made a huge difference in these dogs' lives.

vivienne said...

to aunty:you have done a good job ^^ !!!