Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updates that Brighten us


Update from Crystal’s daddy renamed Tuffi rescued from PAW .

21 Jan - "today I will apply for her license. She is apprx 3 yrs old according to the vet and weighs 19 kg"

23 Feb " I notice she is less timid and walks faster now. Go jogging most of the time. I think she is slimmer now"

According to Mr Kuan, Tuffi is eating some rice specifically bought for dogs and that can help improve bladder etc it can also lower cholesterol. From her photos, Her master's special sliming & diet programs work very well. She is so beautiful & healthy looking now.

Another message from Mr Kuan " I hv more photos of Tuffi,one of which has become wallpaper of my mobile.Hope u like them".

Thanks to Mr Kuan & his family.We feel great that an abandoned pet is given a second chance!

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havetailwillwag said...

crystal/tuffi looks wonderful!! happy and healthy just like every dog should be.