Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boy Boy has his Day too!


Boy Boy

1-2years old then in 2008

Believed to be abandoned as he understands the command “sit” and ‘come’

Fierce and aggressive

He has joined a mother dog named Cookie,another abandoned dog outside a vacant house and where they had been fed for 6mths. Yes, 6mths only before the faithful day arrived.

Cookie gave birth to a litter of 4 pups and Boy Boy was very protective (Don’t think he is protective of her as Cookie don’t seem to like him. Cookie was a mother figure to him). He will growled at whoever walked pass the house.

Their Faithful Day arrived,after Boy Boy tried to attack a morning jogger who was holding a walking stick.

They were caught by the Municipal ,long story short,they were claimed from the Municipal to rescuer’s house with the help of a friend. Things were not smooth as Boy Boy was fierce and defensive. They were fostered in a home all 6 of them, but Boy Boy growled and snarled at owner of the house .With the help of the friend again he was taken to an abandoned house in town, all chained up .It was believed that he was attacked at night by drug addicts ,as he was found limping the next day.

Desperate not knowing what to do, SPCA was the last resort. Nobody really dared to adopt him due to his aggressive nature.

There must have been a Guardian Angel around. Boy Boy was reluctantly adopted by fosterer’s sister who already have 2 noisy and fussy dogs.


Getting his daily pat and massage

BoyBoy has bitten her 4 times!!!!

Boy Boy, Boy Boy, don’t you realise how lucky you are ??? Instead of giving up on him for biting adopter, the family reasoned out why he bites and take precautionary measures from been bitten again. After a year now, though Boy Boy is still aggressive in nature he is learning not to bite when touched unexpectedly. Lastly he is loved to bits as they found him to be very intelligent and loving.

P2150084 See what they did to their front gate from inside of the house to prevent Boy Boy having a good vision of people walking outside.This will reduce unnecessary noise from Boy Boy.Naughty Boy Boy w ill even pee at the gate too and that explained the plastic sheets at the bottom of the gate.


Boy Boy used to hide behind the plants outside this house on rainy days

IF only more is willing to share their time and love for the older dogs and give them a Second Chance,they will prove to be just as lovable as a puppy too.

Well if you would like to share your rescue story with the readers please write to us.

PS: Cookie was put to sleep.To rescuer’s knowledge 2 puppies died, 1 survived after adoption and the fate of the last one is uncertain

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