Sunday, February 14, 2010

Work As Usual For Some of Us

As everybody as gone home to celebrate the Chinese New Year, obviously Aunty Kiew is still attending to the doggies in the shed. As for Sam she has to attend to all the calls we still received for help

.Gumball (1)

Susan is worried about Gumball as he is vomiting and having soft stool after vaccination.Sam has to rushed there this evening to check on them. As today is a Public Holiday it looks like we can’t do much but to wait for tomorow.

Furball was found to be a picky eater and his weight was down to 1.2kg so he can't be vaccinated.

As for Softball, he is whining for affection but is doing fine in Noel's mum's care. He is very obediant.

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