Monday, February 15, 2010


Gumball (1)

Just as everybody was celebrating their New Year, we were arranging for Gumball to be sent to a vet as he really needed medical attention.Lucky to say that we found one that is opened today in PJ Old Town,but, could not board him. Off we go to another vet which is in the other side of town, Cheras. Though it was reputable to be pricey we have no other alternative as Gumball needed medical attention. On the way to the clinic , Gumball vomited…argghh… Its so heartbreaking to see him surfer. Just like a little baby crying in pain…… We felt so helpless and sad.With tears rolling down, Sam just drove her way to the vet. Gumball was tested negative for Parvo.We felt a little relief.


Before we end our day, we have to walk Sai E in fosterer’s house in Subang Jaya as fosterer has gone home to celebrate her New Year. Little Amber,aka Fei Mui wanted to go out for a walk too. “Sorry Amber , not today. We are dead tired.You just run round the compound.”

Thanks to Edward and Wei Ching for coming over to help Kiew in the evening to feed our furry friends and to clean our shed during the festive season.

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