Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who would like to help Nacho?

We received mail from Edward asking us whether anyone is interested in giving Nacho a home, below the mail that was written by Edward:

"hello guys,

Would you like- or if you know anyone who want to- to adopt or foster a mixed mongrel. He is neutered, vaccinated. He is 11 months old and has good temperament. He is currently in the vet, fully recovered from dog bites he received at PAWS. I can't send him back there as he will get bullied again. Please, if anyone is interested. The vet has to let him go fast before 11th as he has lack of space for his clients. Thank you."

Please contact us if your are interested in Nacho, or please help circulate the link to your friends who may be interested. Nacho appreciate your help in getting him a good home.

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