Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Celebrity Pup

We are proud to say that our pups here are all groomed to be human friendly and affectionate. Oh yes, recently we have groomed one to be a celebrity too. Yes. A celebrity! She is none other than our Keiko. She has been chosen for an advertisement to be shown in Australia! Keiko did her bit to help us raise funds for our new shed.

Update from Sam on the shooting of the advertisement

According to Shan (guy who scout for Keiko), she was having so much fun with the kids there.

She gets a lil timid when there are too many strangers around & she is also afraid of big dog.

She had been a good girl the whole day. She followed Shan home on Monday night & went for shooting in Kajang as early as 6.30am. Lester only managed to pick her up around 8pm. boy! she must be really tired.

The adverstisement will only be showed in Australia, hopefully we would be able to download from youtube next time.

Its been a while since i saw Keiko. She has grown so much! Shan said Keiko is very cute & smart. Whenever you talk to her, she will keep nodding her head as if she really understands what you said. Lester must be a really proud owner!

Keiko lifebuoy

Keiko being pampered during the break

Keiko Lifebuoy 2


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