Monday, February 22, 2010

Well done, Jacky Boy!

May Jenn with her new friend, Jacky (21/02/2010)

Thank you Kathryn & her daughter (May Jenn) for giving our new pup a loving home. They renamed him Jacky.

Mrs Lai picked up this 5-week-old pup from the bushes where Sai E used to stay. He was there running around all alone. Mrs Lai decided its not safe for such a young pup running around & this lil pup ended up in the temple. He looks exactly like one of Sai E's pup - Reiki (renamed Sleepy).

This is one of Sai E's pup - Reiki. Not Jacky.

May Jenn & Kathryn fell in love with this adorable pup right away after seeing him being confined in the newcomer's cage. 2 hours after bringing the pup home, Kathryn smsed us n said:
"We just dewormed him & bought him a nice food container / cage. Hopefully he will get used to our cat."

All the best, Jacky boy! We know you will bring tonnes of joy & laughter to Kathryn n family! And please, be good friends with Kathryn's cat. Don't be notti ya!


Unknown said...

Just wanted to say Im so glad that there are people like you in our country who do this for the dogs and make it a better place.
Keep it up :)

Glad jacky found a new owner.

Paws Mission said...

We are like sailing on rough sea, our future is uncertain. Encouraging words and suggestions do brighten up our days.

kathryn said...

just wanted to update u all,jacky been with us for two days now n
jacky is doing good, very active n is playing n biting his toy all the time, eating well, seems to be hungry all the time haha. Will update with his photos later on once he is bigger. will keep u all posted now n than.

Shared Effort said...

Kathryn, do keep on updating us on Jacky's progress,its an inspiration for us to keep on going.