Monday, February 22, 2010

A Busy Weekend


We brought Sai E & her 'flatmate' - Amber a.k.a FeiMui to the vet on last Sunday & Guess what? We met Umee!!! Who Umee? Umee is our beloved Blackie who has been adopted by Ms Lim from PJ. We were planning to visit Ms Lim & Umee to pass her Umee's vaccination card. End up we went to the vet on the same day, same time.

Umee has just been with Ms Lim a few weeks & can you spot the difference? She put on weight & her coat is so soft & shiny now!

She went to the vet for her 2nd vaccination & deworming.

According to Ms Lim, Umee is eating well & getting along with her Shihtzu puppy very well. Even Ms Lim's mother-in-law sayang Umee a lot & just bath her before Umee came for vaccination.

Thank you Ms Lim for giving Umee a loving home =))

By knowing that our rescued puppies have gone to loving homes actually drive us to work harder in rescuing n rehoming the strays.

Umee looks so posh with her red collar & harness!

And she is very well behaved, sitting there while waiting for Ms Lim to settle the medical bill.

Rocky: I miss you dearly, Blackie. I am happy that you have a loving owner now. Wish me luck in finding a good home!

Sai E's Bloody Stool

Finally, finally, we found out the cause of Sai E's bloody stools after a few trips to different vets!

Fyi, Sai E been having watery / muddy / bloody stool on and off since Ms Leong has been fostering her. But so far she has been eating well & active. She loves her daily walk & she is so homely now. Once she is done with her daily walking routine, she can't wait to go back to Ms Leong's house. Walking her is so easy-peasy as compared to the 1st week when we fostered her. We need to hold her & put her on the grass so that she will do her business as she refused to walk on leash.

Sai E has hookworms & that explains why she been having bloody stool on-and-off. So we need to deworm her monthly. And good news! She just got her very 1st vaccination after being a stray dog for 5 years!

Sai E showing us her 'emo' face after getting her 1st jab & dewormer

SoftBall The Smartie Pie

The fosterer (Noel) told us Softball has stop eating for 2 days although he is still running around actively. We picked him up from Noel's house & sent him to the vet on Saturday. Gosh! Looks like we are visitng the vet on a daily basis. He was having high fever & viral infection. Dr Lee said he is recovering now & enjoying his I/D canned food.

Get well soon Softball! We wish you a speedy recovery!

Oh ya... Softball is also up for adoption!

Softball is a collie-mixed that we claimed from DBKL dog pound just before CNY. He is about 3 months old & weighs around 3.1kg (only!!!). He is smart & obedient, responds to the command "come". He loves human touch & it takes only 1 milisecond to warm up with him.

Please contact Sam @ 012-2900215 if you are interested in adopting Softball.


havetailwillwag said...

ooh hookworms are nasty creatures.. and us humans can get them too. make sure that when you walk around Sai E's area you wear slippers. hookworms can travel up through the soles of our feet!!

Paws Mission said...

Yepes. Our Vet's husband is a doctor. He even jokingly asked me to go to his clinic to get dewormer!